Tuesday, March 9, 2010

An expression of love and care for family

Life insurance is an expression of love and care for family. A policy brought with the sole benefit of the spouse and family put it in a class of its own like a stalk of red rose on Valentine’s Day.

People might feel that purchasing various household items is a good expression of love and concern for the family. That is why people buy set of encyclopedia for their children, car for a more convenient form of transportation for family, piano for the musical benefit of children on installment. Everything will be all well when installments are being paid on time. But should something unexpected happen to the payer, every item brought on installment will be taken away, leaving broken dreams and unfulfilled wishes.

Items mentioned earlier are tangible and can be of immediate use and enjoyment. However wise parent-provider makes provision beyond immediate gratification.

“It’s a mistaken kindness or misappropriated affection, to provide so well today that inadequate provision is made for tomorrow.”

Kids are told to study hard now so that life can be easier in the future. By having proper planning, parents are leading by example for their kids by taking care of the future today so future will take care of itself.

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