Monday, March 22, 2010

Cure for cancer? It won't be cheap

Survivors of cancer mention that cancer treatment can amount to tens of thousands of dollars which easily drain their Medisave savings as well as accounts of their spouses and family members. CPF MediShield Insurance can be use but there are limits on the claimable amount.

Doctors are advising Singaporeans to buy insurance coverage while healthy and to ensure good coverage for critical illness such as cancer. As scientists are able to develop new drugs to block cancer cells, there will be longer patient survival.

But the problem of affordability will kick in. Five months of treatment can cost close to $80,000 and one survivor had to use most of his retirement savings to afford it.

Cancer survivor who wiped out the bulk of her husband’s and her own Medisave urge their friends to insure themselves while they are healthy. Survivors are leading a new lease on life but it comes with a price tag of about $100,000 and still has to fork out at least $30,000 more for Herceptin shots which costs as much as $4,000 per shot.

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