Saturday, January 23, 2010

Recognizing help when it is right in front of us

The tale of this old couple sums it up well.

An old farmer and his wife lived in a low-lying area when rain started coming down heavily, making their road impassible. The forecast was for continued rain and severe flooding, and one of the townsfolk came by in his four wheel drive pickup truck and offered to take the farmer and his wife to higher ground.

"No thank you" said the farmer, "the Lord will provide for us."
A few hours later the water had reached the farmer's front porch, and the local sheriff came by in a small boat and offered to take the farmer and his wife to safety.

The farmer again refused saying, "Thank you Sheriff, but the Lord will provide for us."

By the end of the day, the water had flooded the first floor of the house, and the farmer and his wife had gone upstairs to stay safe.

A helicopter came by, and through a bullhorn the pilot shouted, "Let me take you to safety, before the water covers your house and you drown."
The farmer shouted back from the upstairs window, "Go help others, the Lord will take care of us."

As the water level went higher, the farmer and his wife climbed out of the roof and prayed for the rain to let up. Soon after, the floodwater washed them off their roof and they were both lost.

Standing in front of the pearly gates, the farmer and his wife were shocked to find themselves in front of their maker. In a pleading voice the farmer cried out, "Why did you not save us Lord? We have been faithful all of our lives."

In a booming voice the answer came back.
"I sent you a truck, a boat and a helicopter and you refused help from all three. What more could I have done?"

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