Tuesday, January 19, 2010

3 Things You Never Knew About Planning For A Better Tomorrow

One in five Singaporeans isn't sure when they can afford to retire. More than a thrid are clueless about how much money they would require for their golden years. Are you one of them?

Do you have the false sense of financial security that your savings and CPF funds are enough to substain your retirement years?

Our CPF funds and savings aren't enough as Singaporeans are living longer than expected. To make things worse, our savings wouldn't be able to purchase the same amount of goods and service in the future due to rising inflation.

Investment as part of retirement planning is one way in accumulating wealth while overcoming the risk of inflation and maintaining purchasing power.

There is a need to have the right asset allocation mix when it comes to investing and financial planning to prevent your retirement funds from being wiped out if stock markets plummet just days before you retire.

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