Monday, February 8, 2010

Insuring home contents gives them peace of mind

The Straits Times

MS LINDA Kamis, 36, and her husband, Mr Roslee Abdullah, 38, bought a five-room HDB flat in Pasir Ris in 2004.

One of the first things Ms Linda did was to buy a home insurance plan that covered the value of the flat's renovation and contents. The annual premiums for the NTUC Income Home Insurance policy are $60.

The sums assured for renovation and contents are $50,000 and $30,000 respectively.

Says Ms Linda, who works in Income's underwriting department: 'Buying the policy gives us peace of mind. Both my husband and I are working and it is good to have 24-hour coverage for our home.'

Her decision to do so was affirmed a few months later, when a friend had to make a claim on a similar plan because water from a burst pipe leaked into her flat, damaging the furniture and parquet flooring.

The insurance payout helped to cover the costs of repairing the flooring and buying new furniture.

Ms Linda notes that her plan offers comprehensive coverage in that it provides some compensation for loss of keys and medical expenses for accidents.

She also has fire insurance, which covers the structure of her flat, and a mortgage policy.

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