Sunday, July 11, 2010

S'poreans face lowered risk of dying young

Singapore’s mortality rate went down significantly as Singaporeans are less likely to die early. Singaporeans today have an average age of 81, which is 15 years more than 1970 when it was 66.

Factors such as improved nutrition, advancements in health care, control of infectious diseases and promotion of healthy living lowed Singapore’s mortality rates. The only Asian countries which ranked higher than Singapore are Japan and South Korea.

With people living longer, health issues are getting more important. Long-term disability and palliative care will be expensive.

With the increase of singles and of single-child families, we must be prepared to deal with an ageing population where the social support from the family is going to be very stressed.

If you have not done anything for your retirement, now is a good time for you re-look into it.

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