Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So you want to retire early

There isn’t a retirement strategy which can suitable everybody. It has to be tailored made with individual’s risk profile. People also believe that they will not spend much during their retirement years but actually they will as more leisure time means increase in spending.

Inflation should be factored in when using benchmarks on retirement income. Financial planners can help to do simulation to see how different inputs can affect the outcome. A main decision is how much money should go into risky assets which are decided not just by number figures but also emotion like fear of market crashes or inflation.

Lockbox strategies and glide path are two approaches which can be used to help early retirees to make a decision.

Retirees with huge savings which require modest growth rates can consider government and government-linked bonds, bonds funds, rental property, single-premium insurance plans.

There is no ideal early retirement product but some might say a job which you enjoy is the perfect early retirement plan.

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